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luvlymilk asked: Hi! I just read that your ferret Jack has an enlarged heart. How is he? Is it hard to take care of? My ferret was diagnosed with the same on new years eve, he is 11 months old and has a very severe case. Tomorrow he is having his follow up appointment that im not very confident about (its either an ekg or soon "last meal" According to my vet) , so i'd like to know your opinion.

Hello! I am so sorry to hear about your ferret. =(

Jack was basically left in the back of a pet store hopped up on meds and left to die. 2 years later, he is off his meds and running around like all of the other crazy ferrets. Sometimes he needs to stop and rest when his breathing gets too heavy, but that is less and less often. However, I think he might be a special case. From what I was told, enlarged hearts cannot be healed but helped with medication so I would ask about your options for medication so you can make your ferret comfortable and live out the rest of his days in a happy home. Good luck, I hope everything works out!

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Ivan digging his face in the water =)
Juno knows she’s cute.

I’ve got lots of photos to edit to put in the queue!

Can’t wait for you to see them!

Sleepy Prometheus and the Parrot.

Anonymous asked: Wheres A Good Place To Buy Or Adopt An Albino Ferret .? I Think Their The Cutest And I Really Want One .

The people who gave Ivan to us just happened to find him in a pet store. I’m not aware of any places that specialize in albino fuzzies, you may have to keep your eyes open. If there is a breeder anywhere near you, you could contact them to see if they have any. I don’t know much about how common it is in ferrets. Good luck!

kelley-kenzii asked: Idk If My Last Question Sent Or Not But Im Gonna Ask Again , Will My Ferret Ever Calm Down And Cuddle With Me Or Is It Wild And Crazy All The Time.?

99% of the time, ferrets are wild and crazy when they are let out. one of our ferrets is older than the other ones and he is a little bit more “cuddly” but they rarely stay in one place for more than a few seconds!

Prometheus bein’ all cute